As you may or may not be aware, there is a whole world of music to be found in and brought out of a harmonica.

I’m talking about a ten hole diatonic harmonica here, as that’s my main instrument, and the one on which these riffs and songs are played.
Of course my musical world is limited, as is the case for most of us, but limitations can be very comforting things…
See how you go with this lot…
It seems my available time is also limited, but I’ll try hard to get this page happenning…

I have a number of tunes tabbed, and even some recordings, both with and without harmonica.

If you would like  the tablature, or sound for a certain tune, I may be able to help – here’s a list of what I have available.


Here is the basic layout for a diatonic harmonica.

Given notes are shown, as well as all altered notes, including over blows and draws.

The key of C is the benchmark I use for all music theory pertaining to the harmonica.



Here’s a blues thing which is basically a Chicago style guitar shuffle riff.

It easily played on the harp, and in many different “positions”…but more about that later.

The following recordings have been made using a SEYDEL 1847 Classic harmonica in the key of A…

Don’t mind the sound quality – All harp and guitar have been recorded simultaneously  in my kitchen on a ZOOM H2.


Second position groove

Second position groove guitar only


While we’re into the blues, here are some more, each with it’s own sound.


…this one’s in 3rd position…


Summertime with A harp

Summertime guitar (key of Bm)


This is the same as the “second position groove”, but in 3rd, as is “Summertime”


Third position groove

Third position groove guitar only



And just for a change of pace, here’s a little Irish thing called “the Swallowtail jig”.

I’m playing in Am, with a G harp


the Swallowtail jig – mp3