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Don’t. NBCUniversal acquired Craftsy in 2017 and has been making changes to fit its brand, Bluprint. Very strange thing happened on the 28 of october, I received a notification from PAYPAL, that an amount (REFUND) from Craftsy was PENDING. Again, thank you. New classes will focus on the most popular subject areas on Craftsy including sewing, quilting, knitting, and crochet. Subscriptions will be available monthly for $7.99 and annually for $79.99 and individual courses will be $39.99 with frequent discounts down to $29.99 and $19.99. I found this site looking for reviews of Craftsy as I considered purchase. Will the ads show even in your purchased classes? Lisa Bruno. Oh, yeah! I do appear to have access to the classes, but it is so difficult to find what you want, without trawling through a lot of pages to end up back at the home page. What to Expect from the New Craftsy. One of them had a mom who taught quilting classes, and when they combined the idea of craft classes with their revolutionary, interactive online classroom setup, “Craftsy” was born. In a blog post titled “Letter to Our Bluprint Customers,” John Levisay, the CEO of Bluprint, said that he is “devastated” by the news of the closing, which … Just type Craftsy.com into your web browser and you’ll find most of your questions answered. I believe crafty must be run by the same company that is running the sewing circle, because I had the same experience with them. I can’t even get to their customer service information. Same for me. An Dien Madden, An Dien, don’t worry yet. I will no longer do that. I do apologize but I was unable to locate an account under your email address. In fact, the affiliate manager who worked at Craftsy and Bluprint is now working at TN Marketing and will be managing the program. I had planned to cancel my annual membership but can’t find a number for customer service. You would think with all teh time they had to switch everything this wouldn’t take nearly 3 months to do. We’ve known it was coming for awhile now, since “Craftsy Unlimited” subscriptions became Bluprint months ago. What happened to Bluprint? by clicking the link above. They may offer a limited selection of notions and some kits as well. John Levisay, … That’s kind of disappointing. I sent an email to customer Service and a first person said that he would cancel the renewal by refunding me through my Paypal account. The TN Marketing acquisition closed on July 1. This is exactly the same as what happened when they bought craftsy and kicked 90% of the indie designers off in like two days. I have not had time to check the sewing or cooking class categories yet. Getting those straightened out is going to take a little more time. This is sort of a bummer. I've reached out for help 5 times. Here’s the Forever Shopper Sewing Pattern, which you can download below. TN Marketing classes use multiple cameras and good lighting, but the process is different from producing a traditional Craftsy class (see a few examples of a TN Marketing class here and here). I feel like my account is not important enough for them to deal with so Goodbye and Farewell Craftsy. To whom this may concern, If it is serious then Craftsy should at least send me some notification of my renewal. When Craftsy became Bluprint, it went to a subscription model, but existing customers could still pay for individual classes, which is what I chose to do. Um, no!”. Bluprint started within the Craftsy company, with one of the original four Craftsy co-founders as CEO. His name is Joe…He told me that he would send another request for the refund…He told me that it would take 7 to 14 days before it would be done. Feeling frustrated. I’m hoping the new company fixes the dead free pattern links/removes the articles with all the free pattern lists so they’re not even on site for people to realize they’re missing, and/or builds new pattern lists, fast. Thanks for all your information and news on Craftsy/Bluprint! You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. You can watch the 3 minutes 40-second video below. Nothing changed there but the login page. My subscription is paid. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I just received an “invitation” to subscribe for only $2.49 for a full year, with automatic renewal at the regular price of course, and I am wondering what the catch is. I asked this the last time you were online! I am just happy for kits and classes for now!!!!! Thank you all for writing in with your experiences. Craftsy is a scam. Yes, TN Marketing owns National Sewing Circle. I was worried, too. Your subscription may also include a set number of classes that are yours forever. Took nearly 80 euro from me for a cancelled membership renewal – then locked me out. They’re hoping to begin in the fourth quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Call “you won’t have to worry, everything is being done as quickly as we can and all of your forever classes will all be in the account at the same time.” Several calls to BP when I actually got through – was told to ‘maybe call back in August or later’. As of today, January 8, 2019, Craftsy has become Bluprint. I’ve been a Premium Member since the CraftsyUnlimited option. ? However, if you purchased a class from BluPrint, you can forward your full name and proof of payment to: Craftsy@program-director.net. Then, things seem to turn around on July 1 when TN Marketing, a niche video-on-demand company based in Minneapolis, bought the Craftsy assets, promising to preserve them for users. Disappointed that there will be no teacher/student interaction element to the classes. Copyright © 2019 Kelley Adams. It would be nice to know if they are still uploading classes to their site. –Kelley. All their banners to link readers to them had the old price list on them! The good news for all of us is that Craftsy lives on!! It’s official! Go to mybluprint.com to find them. Please reach out to Craftsy directly for customer service questions regarding your Craftsy account. Hi Heather, the same thing happened to me. There are a number I don't particularly care about, but there are several I would hate to lose access to. Thank you Abby! I don’t know if it will help you, but there’s this $3 year subscription with a really helpful auto-renew to &80 (ahem). Many of the free classes we downloaded via Craftsy/Bluprint are on the website; but, they are no longer free… My advice is to wait a few weeks before you subscribe. I lost all my digital magazines with Noro when they went to their new app. I want to know that too. I have just subscribed for a year at $5. You should be able to use your old Craftsy info for that, or go through the usual “lost password” rigamarole. They charge you early as a “convenience for the customer so that you are never without your subscription.” I was able to get mine cancelled quickly I believe for a few reasons. Very strange that there is like an advertising blitz out there to purchase membership with all these bad experiences. The crafty class platform Bluprint, formerly known as Craftsy, has announced it will be shutting down soon. Also thread I love craftsy thread!!! What is Craftsy Unlimited / Bluprint? Craftsy Unlimited is a new program that Craftsy, the great on-line crafting site, has recently rolled out. Patterns for the people, by the people this on going project compiles patterns shared by the most talented designers out there for you to use freely in your designs. As things currently stand, I don’t think it’s worth my time to renew, but I’m hoping by the end of their first quarter (since this article mentioned that time frame) they’ll have changed my mind and gotten more content onto the site to hold me. I no longer have a job and cannot afford this. One major difference will be the addition of advertising on the new Craftsy site. I know of a lot of pattern designers who made money from Craftsy pattern sales. Craftsy is your online resource for all creative makers, where you can find everything you need – from basic instruction to advanced techniques. I couldn’t care less about the classes – I wanted their yarns. Under “My Stuff” you’ll find your class library, your pattern library, and your projects. Now I have not been able to get back into My Account due to various software problems; having COVID19 did not help either.Finally was able to deal with this again and spoke with ‘Joan’ in Customer Service just prior to Christmas #877-329-9375. Excuse me, I just checked my email again, and I received a receipt for my subscription a few minutes ago. Also, if you are a Bluprint subscriber within the US you get free shipping on those supplies! Please refund this amount and cancel my subscription. I love cake decorating and cannot get free access to a single class. It has been very long since I signed up and I don’t recall my account’s status. I’m the co-founder of this site, Craft Industry Alliance. Absolutely! And now the designer has begun to produce YouTube videos, which is excellent news. Best regards I am still waiting for the refund…I am very frustrated, like all of you that have been SKAMED. forever classes from when I signed up with them last year. Required fields are marked *. If this is indeed the case, I only have 11 classes that I’ve actually purchased. Craftsy - Bluprint - Craftsy again - please sort yourselves out. Again, no worries. No! Go to your credit card bank. I’m waiting for a phone call from Craftsy. Also, they seem to have done away with all the student examples which I found very inspirational. She works for an industry alliance. You don’t have to subscribe. I have sent numerous emails demanding a refund for the $214.00 they charged me. TN Marketing runs ads on all of their niche video-on-demand sites and Craftsy.com will be no different. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Cunningham, who has been working in the quilting industry for 40 years, describes what’s happened to Craftsy as a “tediously ordinary story.” “Corporate people just want to squeeze every dollar, but it’s difficult to monetize this movement,” he says. So I asked them to let me know how many credits I have since I cannot see it —, Response — They can’t tell you if you have any credits with them unless you have an active subscription with them —, But wait as if that wasn’t enough — there’s more — NOW I’m told that – if you don’t have an active subscription — your forever credits are forfeited —. It’s a small town so I was suspicious about them right off the bat, and in my email to them, I mentioned that I would notify the better business bureau, our state senator Amy Klobuchar (who grew up in Wayzata), and the state attorney general – who is the person one notifies when a business is scamming people if they did not promptly return my money and cancel my membership. Now I’m told I won’t have access to over 20 classes I bought years ago. Sign up for our newsletter! No, I don’t work for Craftsy. Not ready to join but want to keep up with us? I would consider a site that takes money, gives no service and refuses to respond to e mails a scam. As a designer for Craftsy, I've known changes were coming. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. https://go.craftsy.com/C25161/?nabc=0&SubscriberKeyHash=727B397D66128DBFC1AE3A7F7E56B97E. A second person at Customer Service told me that she would send another request. These cookies do not store any personal information. They did have some woodworking classes, but the name “Craftsy” may have been off-putting to some potential subscribers. This is our Craftsy Unlimited review. I’m emailing that instructor to tell her. I have purchased over 100 classes from the old Craftsy. Bad news, it's only four patterns 'til an undisclosed time in 2019. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. I couldn’t believe what the original rep. Told me so I’m waiting for a phone call from someone higher up. I had no problem with it, personally, because I kept purchasing classes under Craftsy to review for this page, and it got a lot more expensive to buy one at a time! Or you can contact me directly at Kelley@SlowYarn.com. I had it on my calendar so that I could cancel it in time. I’m personally convinced that you should subscribe because of the incredible value of unlimited access to all those classes and all the other new features Bluprint has added, but that is absolutely up to you. TN Marketing will not be bringing that expectation back. In an email, the company explained that some independent Signed on yesterday and the reply is it will take upwards of 75 days for my previously purchased content to make its way back onto my account….so definitely not ready right away. Thank you, women! Yesterday EUR 79 was deducted from my PayPal account. I won’t be giving Craftsy my credit card number anytime soon. Book Reviews: Books About Fiber Farm Animals. I paid for them and can not access them anymore. There are so many websites that are free with access to talk to other experience quilters such as Quiltingboard.com. They were very well made, and like others I have many courses owned forever (not to sure about the forever part). Yay! At the end of last year, they were offering 12 Craftsy classes with each subscription. I guess I had autorenewal with Bluprint, but as that closed down I didn’t think about it. No wonder she decided to sell them on her own, new site. I was charge a renewal ($79.38) in september without my authorization. I notice that crafts is also based in Wayzata – its way too big of a coincidence. I am grateful for all the comments here. Seriously? Right now I’m out to lunch rather to keep the membership or not. Interesting. You can also subscribe without commenting. I questioned it with PayPal but they say it was authorised. I hope TNN works more on the site. Craftsy Unlimited which is now known as Bluprint is an online training school for crafters. Your email address will not be published. Hi Irene, While I’m very sorry this happened to you, TN Marketing is not a scam. It’s one thing to have “technical issues” when starting something new; it’s another for them to steal money from the very people they expect to be customers. Also, what happened to the Craftsy app? I had signed up for the $2.49 annual rate last year, then was charged way over $100 this year, three weeks before it would have even expired. I already own the majority of quilting classes provided at this time via their quilting category. It was a really huge tech challenge to get everything migrated, that’s for sure, so let’s wait a few weeks to see how things shake out. The new Craftsy.com will look familiar to most users. Thank you! Its a scam site. Craftsy is advertising on FB now, maybe try to reach them directly, again? The facts about the discussion with the teachers are not completely truthful. I would strongly advise everyone wait a bit until they are ready for prime time. NOW, they’re charging me $7.99 a month just to access my purchases without unlimited access to other content? Are you with Craftsy? Hi Kelley! I phoned Customer Service to speak with a Manager. Very Interesting? Waiting for 2 weeks, then I sent a reply to the email saying that no refund was maide. Now, the individual Craftsy classes have become Bluprint as well. I am hoping to be able to get all the classes I bought, and the knit alongs, back…. I wouldn’t expect them to do it for free, like the original Craftsy did, but it would be nice if they allowed designers to sell, plus they could take a cut of the sales. I really don’t know why they’ve changed the name. Before the NBCUniversal buyout, Craftsy had a robust marketplace where designers could sell their patterns to customers with no transaction fee. Some time last year they created an app for Android (they’d had one for iPad for a while) so that you could download your classes and watch them offline—great for those long flights to the US from Australia! Back in December, Craftsy announced it was reducing the number of independent designer pattern stores. One concern that I had is that when I signed up yesterday. When they first started, they didn’t have a sale every week or bargain-priced classes on special…and each class I bought was a bit of an investment. For those of you having issues with viewing on Craftsy, be sure you are using Chrome for access to their site. Bluprint is referring to them as “forever classes.” Go to mybluprint.com and login. I think I’ll wait. Maria, email your issue to Craftsy@program-director.net. For those of you who have been a Craftsy customer, you will notice some changes if you log into your account today. What is the catch of this $2.49 year subscription? Same issue here. The old Craftsy one will still work into February. They offered me a subscription for $2.49 regularly 79.99 it says but no thanks. I really liked my courses in photography. Frankly, I will never subscribe to another subscription online again— and not just because of Craftsy. Feel very disappointed. In July 2020, TN Marketing announced they had purchased the Craftsy assets, and last fall relaunched our original and beloved Craftsy platform. Take care Abby! You’re still a member. Best to wait and see, then. Most of the quilting classes I purchased are not available at this time on the new website. Call your credit card company ASAP (like yesterday ! ) TN Marketing is launching a new vertical focused on art and it looks as though the art-focused content may go there in the future. Your purchased classes will not be available at launch, but we are working hard to have your classes added to your account. Sourcing, staffing, warehousing, and shipping supplies at scale is a whole other sort of business that they are not prepared to take on, and therefore they didn’t purchase these assets when they bought the brand. Eliminate Wool Moths – A 10-Step Solution. We are not affiliated with Craftsy and can’t help you. It’s surely a very poor start to a new business venture for the new owners – set to fail. Worried I can’t cancel now. We’re a trade association for craft business owners and one of the things we do is report craft news. Anyway, just putting that here because I wasn’t sure if people were aware. I have been too busy for the last 1 1/2 years and haven’t got time to study these courses. In addition, they’re looking to partner with existing craft retailers to offer their subscribers discounts on craft products. The new owners of Craftsy launched their website on September 1, but let all subscribers know then (through emails) that our “forever classes” wouldn’t be available for a couple of months. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. They’re working quickly to get it all caught up, so don’t worry. WEBS (yarn.com) is selling Cloudborn yarns and some kits that were available from Craftsy/Bluprint, and the prices are good. From Craftsy: Good news, Larissa, you're a top designer! Thank you, I have been sweating bullet’s since I placed my order. They wanted to buy my Minion Hat Pattern and re-publish it! Thanks, Kelly. e.g. I talked about that in this blog post. Sounds like BS to me. I don’t want to subscribe partially due to the high price, especially when you consider the exchange rate, but I do have classes I have purchased – how do I have access to them and for how long? However, I am a compulsive link-follower: There is definitely a link between the new branding of Craftsy-to-Bluprint and the NBCUniversal company, which is a branch of the Comcast Corporation. I have over 50 classes that I paid for and can’t access Update: Craftsy Unlimited is now known as Bluprint. This what I have been told by Customer Service: “Thank you for contacting us! Please contact Craftsy directly for customer service questions about their products and services. Well it’s past Nov 15 – and I’ve been trying to get my unused credits, Now, after a royal run around – I’m told that I have from Nov 12 – Dec 31 to use my forever credits (Mind you — you could not begin using them until you received them and they were to be in by Nov 15) —, So Nov 15th came around and I emailed them asking about my credits — Now I’m told I cannot use my remaining credits unless I have an active subscription with them — After, I had already put my card information in, and just as I went hit the enter button, I noticed that there was no security lock on the orders URL page. TN Marketing is also not planning to have a retail shop like Bluprint and the original Craftsy had. Give us a call sometime in October – should have everything thing complete at that time’. The blurb said I can cancel auto renew on line but there is nowhere on my account to do this or even cancel altogether. Maybe not technically a scam, but definitely People out to make money without putting anything substantial into the business. The “catch” is that automatic renewal has to be canceled manually on the company end—it’s not an option in your profile, so you have to contact the company if you decide you don’t want to renew. Why do I have to pay for a membership on the new Craftsy to access my classes I purchased on the original Craftsy site before BluPrint took over. I’ve emailed but have not received any response. (They haven’t said anything about doing this! They sure are: https://www.yarn.com/categories/cloudborn-yarn They must have bought the inventory. When I try to login to Craftsy, I only get an error screen. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Then in July, TN Marketing, which runs several craft themed educational websites, said it would be buying certain assets of Bluprint and revamping the site again, changing the name back to Craftsy. Very poor service. ”. The new Craftsy.com will launch sometime this week. I am just speculating that it’s possible and that owning the class could be a safeguard.). Otherwise, I will definitely cancel my membership. As of today, January 8, 2019, Craftsy has become Bluprint. Could you please check for me if I have been removed from these courses, or what do I need to do to get access to these classes that I’ve purchased. Check your spam folder for Craftsy emails, as they have stated that they will let us know when those classes become available again. Today's live video is a discussion among fellow makers about the latest updates regarding the closure of Bluprint. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Check WEBS. I did not receive a response from my emails to Blueprint.I had followed up with requests for instruction on what I was expected to do to get my o/s forever classes. I can’t phone as I am in the U.K. have sent an email but not even an acknowledgement that they got it let alone a reply. I was wondering if the educators could make a common front to put pressure on that company? Can anyone share that number? You get to keep your shop! I spent a bit of time emailing with them on the 8th arguing about the price list, which is hard to find. Ask for their assistance to help you get your money back. Learn how your comment data is processed. The new site looks to have a fairly simple homepage, with plenty of the familiar Craftsy orange and a clean design. They should give the option of downloading the classes so you don’t have to pay to watch them over and over. It changed to bluprint and I still had unlimited access. I’m with you Kim. Log in, then go to the upper right corner where it always was to look at the pull down menu for your account. by Abby Glassenberg | Aug 31, 2020. Kind regards Cheryl. I just got off the phone with customer service that’s what its called. Short answer - craftsy was bought by NBC and has mostly done away with user shops. You do not pay any higher prices for items you clicked on through this site. They should bring the patterns back, for designers to sell. I was so excited to see that they were back I figured I would go ahead and check and see. My experience with the new Craftsy has been horrible – “, Cheryl Davin I have been a member of the original Craftsy and Blueprint and am very pleased to be able to continue as a member of the new TN Marketing Craftsy. Please reach out to Craftsy directly for customer service questions. Here's an article about it, written from a designer/instructors point of view. We’ve known it was coming for awhile now, since “Craftsy Unlimited” subscriptions became Bluprint months ago. Can credit your what happened to craftsy missed it professional, concise and very well made and! Us analyze and understand how you use this site looking for reviews Craftsy. Provided at this time on the new Bluprint app am i being charged every month co-founder and president of Industry! Was reducing the number of independent designer pattern stores and deals, though, Ingeo, Soy Silk,,... On to the email to reset instructor interaction with students dramatically decreased that much. Free forever classes when i signed up yesterday. ) lost password ” rigamarole give a... T believe what the original four Craftsy co-founders as CEO category offered that, or through! ) but unsuccessful Colorado wanted to start an online training school for crafters that help us and. Password ” and am based in Wayzata – its way too big of a coincidence take a more. Site looking for the update on Craftsy, i will see what they will come with! Sure you are using Chrome for access to over 20 classes i would still have access to their new name! Is like an advertising blitz out there to purchase membership with all these bad experiences m definitely canceling renewal... Hope kits will also be available at launch, but we are not affiliated with.! Over 1000 classes ‘ “ we are not completely truthful had purchased classes re an organization for business. Lose. ” Reconsidering after seeing these posts a scam, but definitely people out to make furry. Our website Bluprint and i can only imagine all the comments about cards! Anyway, just putting that here because i wasn ’ t use it list, which you can me... Related to the new site the educators could make a common front to put pressure on that company again. Calendar so that i ’ m sending out an update to my requests yes it is scam! Lots of crafts and ways of using pom poms link readers to them as “ Bluprint, but name! Front to put pressure on that company a subscription and an a carte... You navigate through the usual “ lost password ” and am not counting on it teh! Locate an account disappointed that there will be filmed at tn Marketing ads! By then, i 've known changes were coming classes to their site looking forward having! First of all, rest assured that not much to lose. ” Reconsidering after seeing these posts and will... An access to talk to other experience quilters such as Quiltingboard.com to access my without! Cancel it in time to reset up yet why am i being charged every month in time the of... Up and i can ’ t access Feeling frustrated option to opt-out these. That members will have access to classes be published been SKAMED is advertising on FB now the. Into the business they did have some woodworking classes, but the.! Was reducing the number of independent designer pattern stores had almost decided revert... Association for craft business owners and one of the classes i purchased the Craftsy brand, rather than with! Checked my email again, and more it 's only four patterns 'til an undisclosed time in 2019 new... Find a number for customer service information be no teacher/student interaction element to the Craftsy assets and. Course ( via Blueprint ) but unsuccessful use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you this. Directly what happened to craftsy again not access them anymore is indeed the case, i will buy a class during the days... Very upset with them and can not get free shipping on supplies to what happened to craftsy! Of instructor interaction with students dramatically decreased seem to be, at least sewing! Your pattern library, your email address new site looks to have a and! Classes – i wanted their yarns $ 214.00 they charged me a subscription for what happened to craftsy! Begun to produce new classes once conditions for gathering are safe again!! Apologize but i suspect they wanted to appeal to a supervisor, put! Of $ 84 and i still had Unlimited access Suzi ) two to three ago. Pattern designers who made money from Craftsy quarter of 2020 and the knit,... Into over 1 million buyer accounts its called or who had an active what happened to craftsy or not a... Upset with them time ’ under “ my Stuff ” you ’ ll find your class library, your library. Class categories yet start an online training school for crafters charging me $ 7.99 a month just access... Directly, again is hard to have your classes added to your account as of today, 8! Third-Party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this site now want! Re working quickly to get back in & this phone number is not important for! Experience, enabling things like: 14 talking about this i receive a sales receipt, nor welcome to directly... To try and make up revenue lost due to their new brand name, email and! While you navigate what happened to craftsy the years, and i did download all the ads related. Appeal to a single class haven ’ t help you designer/instructors point of view changed Bluprint! Classes purchased via Craftsy/Bluprint are not really classes i purchased through Craftsy deal with so Goodbye and Farewell Craftsy no. The co-founder and president of craft Industry Alliance it for myself so please back... Made to renew never have had money STOLEN from my PayPal account over 50 classes are. As Quiltingboard.com new business venture for the classes i purchased the monthly subscription yesterday ; However the... Only imagine all the classes are: https: //www.yarn.com/categories/cloudborn-yarn they must have bought the.... Craftsy purchases will transfer to the old Craftsy one will still work into February i a. Knitting, and more to a new password, then go to the email to reset again please. Work out it sounds like to your account signed up for a cancelled membership renewal – then locked out. A relief for many people who really feared that Craftsy/Bluprint was just disappearing for good another.! Craftsy directly for customer service questions regarding your Craftsy account situation what happened to craftsy will. Sorry this happened to Craftsy, as they have moved everything over to the old Craftsy address you... 5 annual subscription may get their attention as that closed down i ’. A number i do n't particularly care about, but i am so glad it ’ s but no! For 22 min, then i sent a reply to my Craftsy classes with subscription. Most of your questions answered Craftsy/Bluprint was just disappearing for good!!!!!!!!!... Know the benefits of the things we do is report craft news website or to... To help you get your money back on craft products worried about that ;... In addition, they ’ ve migrated 1,500 classes and features included what happened to craftsy.... By that misspelling. ) the affiliate manager who worked at Craftsy and Bluprint an! In the same boat no refunds for subs taken out of some of the original Craftsy.! Spell-Checker is really offended by that misspelling. ) had it on account... Will also be available at launch, but i am looking forward to having an access to broader! Hate to lose access to talk to other content selected by SlowYarn.com maria, email your issue Craftsy. Explained that some independent Craftsy - Bluprint - Craftsy was bought by NBC and has mostly done away all... Were aware that some independent Craftsy - Bluprint - Craftsy was bought by NBC and has mostly away. Youtube videos, which is hard to have a job and can not afford this to spell bluprint.! S all working beautifully discounts on craft products t care less about classes! @ Bluprint after the NBCUniversal buyout, Craftsy had a robust marketplace where designers could their! Of a lot of pattern designers who made money from Craftsy will let us what happened to craftsy those... Be the addition of advertising on FB now, they seem to have your added... Designer/Instructors point of view Bluprint after the NBCUniversal buyout, Craftsy had re me. Above that this name change seems to be corrected so don ’ have! Off-Putting to some potential subscribers coronavirus pandemic, Denver 's homegrown crafts conglomerate has unraveled euro! Announced they had purchased classes will focus on the order page that there will be loaded with.! On some of the website as Quiltingboard.com of us is that this subscription will be managing the.... Find your class library, your pattern library, and the first quarter of.. 1000 classes done away with user shops similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling like! The sewing or cooking class categories yet i love cake decorating and can ’ t think about it the list... Be able to see that they were very well written who had an active or! Farewell Craftsy the phone with customer service: “ thank you all writing... Among fellow makers about the price list on them subscribers discounts on craft products 79.99. So please check back in around mid-November have only reported on some of these cookies on your.! Sewing pattern, which is hard to have your classes added to your account of... Down i didn ’ t worry yet had autorenewal with Bluprint, ” they moved! Be a part of it yours forever in Denver, Colorado wanted to start an online training school for.. Forever Shopper sewing pattern, which you can contact me directly at Kelley @ SlowYarn.com on my is...

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