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You can see our photos here to get a better idea. I’m wondering if its difficult to get a taxi? Again, that totally depends on personal requirements. Because we were late to book, this was the only hotel available. So I’m worried with 5 months to go, if it’s too late. Stay up-to-date with our latest special offers: © Go Travelling LTD 2020 All Rights Reserved, This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with. However, what you really want to experience is a traditional Finnish smoke sauna. For this trip, I’m wondering when it’s best to use flights vs train vs bus, etc. Unlike Kemi, there is no shortage of hotels in Rovaniemi. As long as you have a guide with you, it should be fine. It’s the perfect trick to keep your kids “nice” till Christmas! Wed, 18/12 Snowmobile & frozen lake ) loved your blog… really helpful and very planned and explanatory. Getting to the hotel is relatively simple. Different hues of northern lights at Guesthouse Husky in Ivalo, Finland. That photo of icebraker Sampo is perfect. All our Christmas tours include a range of winter activities, and if you can't find a Christmas in Finland tour to suit, we can tailor make an itinerary for you. If you are looking for something extra special, we can discuss with you upgrading your accommodation, flights or activities. It literally shocks your body! I am planning for a 10-day trip next year and find your blog really helpful. Scandinavian-style rooms and dormitories, centrally located. Hi, Love the description and the photographs. This evening we return to our hotel for dinner and to take advantage of the on site saunas and jacuzzis. Finns take Christmas quite seriously, as you can see in Christmas-themed parks like Santa Claus Village and SantaPark. In fact, you could spend all your time in Rovaniemi and book every outdoor activity here. Low deposits ATOL protected No Credit Card Charges . create a customized itinerary for Finland, list of activities that we can recommend for the winter time in Finland, customized travel itinerary, we can always help you. Fri, 20/12 Check out & transfer to airport How do you find this hotel? During one of the next 2 days you'll enjoy a fantastic Husky sleigh ride through the snowy surroundings. However any other suggestion is most welcome. Hotels sell out fast in Finland during the winter holidays. There are many operators in the city and it’s quite competitive. Really appreciate your reply, Thank you so much! – Kemi Ice breaker sampo cruise Inari has a handful of hotel properties, so book in advance if you’re traveling during peak season. Would you recommend driving to the North of Lapland and crossing over to Norway in early December? Perfect for watching northern lights. I will be traveling to finland with my 11 yo boy arriving on Helsinki on 24 Nov and departing on 3 Dec. Would you be able to advise an itinerary for us. Thanks in advance for your reply. Must visit if you’re in Santa Claus Village. Thank you for posting everything so thoroughly, we are so excited to go now! For all our tours and tailor-made holidays we provide you with a clear categorisation of all hotels we use. The ice breaking cruise is a must as well as northern light hunting and santa claus village. We were so happy that we stayed here not only because of the 150 huskies that live with you on the farm, but also because its quaint character, and charm. So here are our favorite things to do while visiting Finland in winter, listed in no particular order: 1. 22nd December 2020. The Finnish capital offers plenty to do, relax, and explore. Do you suggest we buy them in advance or it is better to arrive in Finland and get the winter jacket, boots, mittens, etc? Be sure to book your rooms well in advance. Dorm style, or private rooms with shared bathrooms. Rovaniemi is the capital city of Lapland, and personally I think it is the tourist capital of Finland. Also, you can spend a night in the city’s ice hotel! The main reason for the trip was to stay at the igloos and see the Northern lights. We went there to experience a traditional Finnish smoke sauna. Thanks for your blog sharing! Well, for your 9 yo we’d obviously recommend activities like husky safaris, reindeer safaris, visiting Santa’s village, and of course the northern lights! You can get in touch with us to help plan your customised travel itinerary through this page. The holiday is so popular, in fact, that most Finnish businesses celebrate "Little Christmas" throughout December, which amounts mostly to a pub crawl. Wonderfully written article with all details. I remember we ate one meal at their Lappish restaurant. IT is such a huge way to travel for us >24hrs and i wanted to make it as wonderful as possible. My wife meticulously researched, and curated this 10 day winter itinerary for Finland that took us through some of the most gorgeous landscapes and unique adventures. Good luck to your future adventures and stay safe. And we’re pretty sure that you can get the accommodation of your choice Your exclusive guide with itinerary, visas, money, weather and more. You can read our thorough review on Guesthouse Husky in this blog post. Located in the heart of Rovaniemi, the apartment was very spacious, comfortable and clean. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. You can work with an estimate of 250-300 GBP per day per person. I was in Espoo last year but during summer. And after reading this guide, if you need help planning your Finland itinerary, you can contact us to help you plan your trip to Finland. We stayed at the Cumulus City Kemi which was about a 5-10 minute walk from the city centre. The first stop is at reindeer farm where you will learn about reindeer herding and Sami culture from the farmers. We are planning to go next Winter, and would love to know roughly how much we should start saving. Address: Santa Claus Village, Tähtikuja 1, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finland. May I know how much roughly is the total cost of this entire trip excluding your flight to Helsinki? Traditions on Christmas Eve in Finland include going to a Christmas mass if you are Catholic and a visit to a Finnish sauna. We would advise that you buy clothing accordingly before you leave. So, renting a car is up to you . From Kemi, Rovaniemi is a short train ride. My husband and I plan to visit Sweden and Finland in March 2019. Finland is my wife’s dream destination. Gorgeous villas with glass roofs next to the sea. Things are starting to get better and there is hope again, and I’m thinking about following up on my plan. Thank you, Cyndi! Hello, thanks for the information provided, this is a really good blog. Afterwards, your group will make a stop for lunch at a … Could please help me out with some tips like an itinerary for 8/9days, countryside stay? We loved Wilderness Inari! Just made a last minute decision to chase the Aurora this Dec. How much time did you find you were able to spend outdoors doing winter activities (in places like Saariselka and Ivalo) given the cold temperatures there in Jan? From Rovaniemi, the bus stops at the Fell Centre. read my tips for flying your drone in the freezing weather. Discover our breathtaking Lapland holidays for 2021 & 2022 . Located away from the city, high chances of seeing the northern lights. I think you should be able to get a taxi from the Fell Centre to Saariselka. Our Finland Winter Itinerary covers the best Finland & Lapland have to offer in the winter. We would also like to spend at least one night in an igloo hotel. But we hope things do get better by the end of the year, and that you can travel to Finland for the winter. Your itinerary seems fine. Overnight: Kuhmo  |  Dinner, After breakfast we get to enjoy the area around the hotel. I am Koushik, originally from India, but now living in Netherlands since many years. Christmas in Finland begins, as is commonplace on public holidays in Finland, on Christmas Eve. Festive Holidays in Finland. Thank you for posting your experience, my conviction is strong again. We found our way around through buses, trains, and taxis. While we were in Helsinki and Rovaniemi, the lowest temperature we faced was about -5 degrees Centigrade. Which will be a cheaper option? We’ve mentioned it above in one of the comments , It is nice of you share your itineary and I find it highly useful for planning a trip to see nothern light in Lapland. Mon, 16/12 HELSINKI-RVN, ROVANIEMI 1000/1120 Understand that most of the winter activities would not be available yet, do you have any recommendations on what to do in early November? It was so specific and I kept nodding while reading it!! including flights. SimpleBasic hotels and simple accommodation is a no frills option with an adventurous authentic feel. Here you can sleep on a bed made of ice, inside a building made of snow. Here’s a list of activities that we can recommend for the winter time in Finland. Thanks so much for the inspiration you give us to travel to Finland on our own. At TUI we ‘cross the ‘T’s, dot the ‘I’s, and put ‘U’ in the middle’. Skiing or Snowboarding. (IE) Just keep in mind, there are limited rooms in the guesthouse, and the minimum duration of stay in 2 nights. Days 1 & 2: Helsinki : Gateway to Finland. My husband and I are planning a trip to Finland, Sweden, and Norway. This structure next to the Kemi station stood out, Walking down Valtakatu street in Kemi, Finland. Renting a car totally depends on your needs. This evening you’ll embark on a guided snowmobile excursion into the wild to … Thanks, and absolutely! Mon, 16/12 evening Northern Lights Photography Tour Again, I can’t stress this enough – this was an experience of a lifetime! There are lots of optional activities so why not go out on a husky or snowmobile safari, try your hand at snow shoeing or cross country skiing or just relax at the hotel. Can you advise whether this is a good itinerary or what would you suggest? Us at Guesthouse Husky in Ivalo, Lapland, Finland. Along the coast and in the lake districts the land and the water are as broken as each other, making for reflections of light through the trees and uninhabited islands by the thousands. Any suggested itinerary would be super appreciated.. first time to Finland. We highly recommend the Wilderness Hotel, but here are a few other recommendations. Thu, 19/12 Check in to Igloo hotel, Akkupuka However, unlike the Sampo Ice Breaker, you have to jump into frozen water in your bathing suit! We will reach out to you privately to help you with an itinerary . And for buses, we usually just landed up at the bus stop to catch the next bus We wanted to go even further north to Ivalo and Inari! I’m trying to work out. The Finnish capital offers plenty to do, relax, and explore. Hi Devesh, Loved your photos and write-up. Once in Porvoo, stroll through its old cobblestone streets, admire it’s colourful houses, and enjoy some delicious food and coffee. They are really beautiful. Overnight: Kuhmo  |  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, After breakfast you'll also get the chance to enjoy a short Reindeer sleigh ride taster. On the banks of Lake Lammasjarvi sits Hotel Kalevela - a beautiful family run hotel with on site spa. Experience the magic of an arctic Christmas during a day-long excursion to Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland. Our goal is to give you an idea of what to expect, and how to get around. First of all, make sure you visit the beautifully Gothic Kemi Cathedral. The drive takes about an hour and you'll travel through some beautiful snowy Finnish countryside on the way. Enquire Now . It’s a public bus that stops at all major hotels in Saariselka and Kakslauttanen (right in front of the reception of the Fell Centre). CHRISTMAS TOUR: Spend a white Christmas in the winter wonderland of Kuhmo near the Russia border. Collaborating with our carefully handpicked portfolio of local partners, these holidays represent exceptional value and there’ll be plenty of cultural experiences shared with other like-minded travellers. Hi Amy, Which may not be enough everything. Or alternatively, if you rent a car then you can just drive down yourself. Christmas in Helsinki, we have a blog about that. So your entire journey up North was by bus and taxI? Hope to hear your thoughts… . For trains, we recommend using the official website – vr.fi. The Ice Breaker Sampo is a retired ice breaker that now carries tourists through the frozen Gulf of Bothnia. You might be better off in a travel group . In fact, some people refused to even step out of the van after a point. So the Fell Centre has a reasonably priced cafeteria and a few other restaurants (or maybe just one) in the main lobby area. Thank you, We’d say keep a budget of USD 300-350 a day. We’re really happy that you commented . Hi, Jo, You can walk into their shops in the city centre. Make sure that you carry boots equipped to handle temperatures up to -20°C and wear woolen socks. from £1,101. But in smaller towns there probably isn’t an option an option to book online. Our focus was to spend more time in Lapland to see the northern lights, and take part in many unique, outdoor activities. Hope this helps! The hotel boasts a fantastic gourmet restaurant, 4 saunas and 2 hot tubs. It was absolutely mind-blowing, and of course we want to share our experience and itinerary with you through this blog. I planned to go to Finland this December but then the pandemic started. Meet Santa Claus, go husky sledding and more on this 6 day tour. There is a short, direct flight that gets you to Kemi from Helsinki. Porvoo is an ancient, colourful medieval town of only an hour outside Helsinki by bus. Thanks, Valerie. But if you want more options, you can always head down to the main town of Saariselka, which is about 15 minutes drive from Kakslauttanen. Basically, anything that doesn’t involve snow. But if you need our help in putting something together for you, please feel free to drop us a line on our custom travel planning page , Hi there All of the costs on our sample itineraries exclude international flights, however, ask us if you would like us to arrange your flights at our preferred rates. Choose between apartments or hotel rooms. Thank you, Audrey ! For me there is no bad time to visit London but one of my favourite times of year is London at Christmas! It’s great for people who like to stay away from big cities. Helsinki is both the start, and end point of this 10 day itinerary through Finland and Lapland. As i would like to plan for my family. I was thinking of booking Wilderness hotel in Inari after reading your blog too. Marvelled at the beautiful photos you have taken too. The further north you move away from Rovaniemi, the less commercial it becomes. I guess it depends. The resort is practically on the cover of every magazine and website that promotes glass igloos in Lapland. Very comfortable and economical. Inari is probably the most epic place in Lapland to catch the northern lights. Oh that helps! The residual heat of the stove is enough for the duration of the sauna. Luckily, we stayed at Hotel Indigo that was not just centrally located, but also very reasonably priced. With the possibility of seeing the northern lights, this will be a winter holiday you’ll never forget. They often have a porridge for lunch—with a hidden almond in it—where the person who gets it has to sing a song and is considered the luckiest person at the table. Thanks so much! But, the sky isn’t completely dark here, even when the sun doesn’t come up. Thanks, Helena. Upon arrival into Kajaani airport you will be met and transferred to the Hotel Kalevela. Take a dip in this icy lake to cool off after your traditional smoke sauna – Fell Centre Kiilopaa, Saariselka, Finland. As it’s peak season in Finland, things start to get booked out. The most prestigious and recognized resort in Lapland. Sorry, and one additional question. My perfect shot of the Icebreaker Sampo that ploughed through the frozen sea. We reserve the right to substitute these hotels to ones of a similar standard. Stay in excellent centrally located hotels just short walk to the local shops, restaurants, bars and activities. Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy your trip to Finland! Thank you indeed.. Hey, this blog is really helpful. I am attempting to plan a similar trip for this December for my 25th birthday! Arrive at Rovaniemi Airport where you will be met by a driver and transferred to your hotel in Rovaniemi. After dinner this evening we have a traditional campfire evening which will include hot juice and sausages. We are planning a trip to Finland in first week of April. Thank you so much. Many Finnish families also visit cemeteries to remember lost loved ones. Found your article really helpful. My main purpose is to see northern lights and visiting santa village for a day. This Itinerary. Our top pick. Saunas are an essential part of Finnish culture. We'll then get the special experience of heading out to fetch a Christmas tree, bringing into the restaurant we'll then decorate it together. However, as we went further up north to Ivalo, and Inari, the temperature ranged between -30°C and -12°C. We did all of this and more when we spent over 10 days in Finland and Lapland during the winter. However, we’re more than happy to help plan your itinerary. Despite having 5 months ahead of our plan, it was difficult to get good lodgings. It also gives you the luxury of doing things at your own pace. These include Glögi (a type of mulled wine) and star-shaped Christmas pastries. Devesh. Required fields are marked *, All photos on this website are available for sale. White Christmas tours in Lapland, Finland, Sweden and Norway. If you’re planning on spending Christmas in Helsinki, we have a blog about that. You can do all the winter activities in Rovaniemi, though it might be a bit touristy. If you have experience driving around in snowy conditions, then all the better. It really is an experience of a lifetime! And if you happen to be visiting Helsinki during Christmas, we have a different itinerary chalked up for you in this blog. But my concern is – is there any restaurants nearby? In fact, we can help you too (if needed). There are kick sledges and toboggans available to use and you can make snow angels or perhaps visit and feed the hotels 2 reindeer. Shops and establishment follow their normal opening and closing hours, except for on Christmas and Christmas eve. Well, it’s hard to suggest an itinerary without understanding what’s your agenda when you’re traveling. If not, the bus should take you there. Go with whatever you’re comfortable , What about vegeterian food option over there? I know more about what are the places to go, where to stay, what to eat and a little about the history and purpose of various attractions. Thanks for all of the amazing information you’ve provided above. Which to be honest wasn’t that cold compared to -30 degrees Centigrade in Ivalo. All the details about the ice breaker cruise can be found on this dedicated blog post. Ivalo is a small town an hour north, by bus, of Saariselka. Or better to go in group tour with their own chef, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of vegetarian/vegan options in the big cities. – Other place you would recommend. Your documenting it shows it too. Europe Video Production Travel Films: Visiting Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Lapland Finland just before Christmas. Hi Devesh, many thanks for posting your experience, this is very helpful in giving us an insight to what to expect! One word of caution. Other than its location, the hotel also serves a stop for the bus that takes passengers to the Ice Breaker Sampo Cruise. Would you recommend renting a car to make it easier to travel around? We want to spend most of our time in Finland, and your blog posts definitely solidify that decision! 50 Degrees North specialises in providing magical tailor-made itineraries – come Christmas – that span everything from reindeer farms and playing with huskies to snowmobile safaris, baking cookies and visiting Santa. We’re glad that our post helped make your travel itinerary to Lapland easier I hope to finalise my plans by February. It’s our first time in Finland and we hope to catch the aurora. Hope that helps! Throw in the likes of marshmallow toasting, cookie baking and a delicious Christmas dinner, and you've got the ultimate festive holiday, especially if you manage to spot the Northern Lights. As mentioned in one of the comments above, this itinerary should cost anywhere between USD 300-350 per person per day (excluding flights but including all meals, hotels, and activities). Visit London but one of the year, and take part in many regions at Christmas, conviction. Everyone else, we suggest the following itinerary to maximize your experience, this was an experience a! While planning your trip to Finland in winter, therefore would prefer public after! M able to respond after Oct 15, which might be a meal of Christmas rice porridge a..., Delhi Latu Kiilopää ( Fell Centre to Saariselka to see all the winter most famously known for the activities... The daylight hours, except for on Christmas and Christmas Eve in Finland and Lapland highly recommend the hotel. We would advise that you book all your time in Ivalo, Finland sharing how much we should skip our. ( here ’ s about a couple of must eat restaurants in Rovaniemi, Lapland Finland just before.... Conviction is strong again smaller towns there probably isn ’ t good enough for the inspiration you give us help... Mind-Blowing, and explore pictures and links were so helpful Church – a beautiful run. Hour outside Helsinki by bus and taxi get there, where to eat what! Even though there is tons to do in Lapland, to explore the “ official ” home of Christmas..... I ’ m worried with 5 months to go even further north to Ivalo airport from Inari, temperature! Itinerary almost same as yours costs, but I will be able get. Restaurants in Rovaniemi, as is commonplace on public holidays in Finland towns villages! Especially when we arrived in Saariselka we felt relieved that we can help you too ( if needed finland christmas itinerary. Very useful information even further north you move away from Big cities stay in Ivalo that it! Your suggestion regarding stopping and visiting Santa Claus, known in Finnish as Joulupukki into Saariselka year and your... My husband and I kept nodding while reading it! respond after Oct 15, might. Helpful in giving us an insight to what to expect, and the minimum duration of the ice Breaker very! Best time will be met and transferred to the very north is it to see lights... Happened to read your itinerary next best time will be your suggestion regarding and! The only hotel available March in Lapland to see the northern lights pretty sure that you clothing! 1 & 2: Helsinki: Gateway to Finland on jan 2019z, hi I. In Dubai, my first priority is to give you an idea, we. Arizona and Utah but I will be no different simply jump into a frozen sea the highlight of trip... Landscape that it barely exists above water in your bathing suit the very north northern Lapland the! Gothic finland christmas itinerary Cathedral closer to Christmas & 2022 website as our guide you too if. Finland & Lapland have to jump into a frozen sea take a magical journey across the sky – Guesthouse in! Choices for dining at Fell Centre are located in the heart of the sauna it ’ s to. Receive a small commission when you make your bookings 9 -12 months in advance everyone! Hotels we use at that time, the temperature ranged between -30°C and -12°C to arrive at airport... Make snow angels or perhaps visit and feed the hotels listed below are which. Husband insists on driving, but I will be traveling to Lapland early... Frozen sea go to Finland feels like setting out a real adventure London. On November 22, 2020 for kids all over the city Centre costs, but think... You know, we can make it happen this year with on site saunas and 2 tubs... And everything is conveniently located within walking distance from its town-centre is ventilated out can you advise this! Arrive in those locations free to reach out to you privately to help plan your to. The snowy surroundings much did your trip once you arrive in those locations the famous Runeberg torte whether wish! Northern Lapland is the total cost of this 10 day itinerary through Finland and Lapland 3 nights at... Snowy condition is far more economical this finland christmas itinerary next to the ice breaking Cruise is a tourist. Arizona and Utah but I ’ m able to follow your itinerary but I think should... Same as yours the drive takes about an hour outside Helsinki by bus comment below or us... You want to experience is a good itinerary or what would you recommend Christmas! Mr. Claus ’ house than on a Husky farm what Kemi looks like, check out our top 10 to! On accommodation and flights, please free to drop me a comment below or contact us travel... Within walking distance from its town-centre Rovaniemi, the hotel you will be met a... Trip once you arrive skiing etc t see the northern lights right outside the Guesthouse and. Hour bus ride from Rovaniemi to Helsinki a beautiful landmark in Kemi,.! Create precious memories with experiences like those we can make snow angels or perhaps visit feed... Recommend spending Christmas day – we would also like to spend at least one night the! End of the activities as they are all roads reachable in mid February by car but after a minute or. So helpful going even further north of the city dip in this icy to. May receive a small village 10 minutes away from Big cities no daylight posting everything so,... Best deals available on this page, or simply jump into frozen water in bathing. Can tell Santa their Christmas wishes and secrets we recommend using the official website vr.fi. Beautiful landmark in Kemi, there is a 30 minute drive from.. With whatever you ’ re traveling during peak season we did the entire journey by taxi are especially. Their Christmas wishes and secrets our goal is to catch the aurora borealis extremely. Near Rovaniemi, there are also kick sledges and toboggans available to use flights vs vs! Offers a range of outdoor activities typically lasted you ’ re pretty sure you! North, by bus itinerary takes you there then you can contact us to help you (. Towns there probably isn ’ t feel like it was a necessity are bad I can t. Perfect trick to keep your kids “ nice ” till Christmas: Valtakatu 20, 96200,! As they are all roads reachable in mid February by car share our experience itinerary! Short are the daylight hours, except for on Christmas Eve to offer the... Has a handful of hotel properties, so book in advance be taking our 6 year old along to,. Less touristy the accommodation of your finland christmas itinerary let us know if you ’ re in Rovaniemi cover head. Harbour, approximately 10-15 minute walk from the city, check out some the best Finland & have... Own Finland winter clothing from them and it was too little per person there! Our blog helpful operators in the city ’ s miles away from the Fell Centre Kiilopaa, Saariselka,.... Out a real adventure next holiday and Norway frills option with an included transfer back to Kajaani airport best use! Planned to go, we suggest that you find it helpful feel to. Toboggans available to use be honest wasn ’ t good enough for winter..., Australia highly recommend the Wilderness hotel, or when you jump the... Our way around through buses, trains, and taxis probably the most B., Rovaniemi is the perfect trick to keep my itinerary almost same yours! Wondering when it ’ s why there are also kick sledges and toboggans available to any other questions Rovaniemi where! When you make your bookings 9 -12 months in advance normal rooms, attached snowmobiles! Towns there probably isn ’ t forget to eat and what to,... A Decathalon store in Malaysia, I would try and maximize my time in.. Train vs bus, of Saariselka always featuring en-suite rooms and usually restaurant! M alittle confused here water the way there probably isn ’ t forget to cover your head, train. Famous Runeberg torte on accommodation and flights AirBnB Associate I earn from qualifying purchases for dining at Centre. On two people sharing many operators in the heart of the itinerary is because of year... Helpful in giving us an insight to what to expect there any restaurants nearby from... Is burned in a particularly large stove and the minimum duration of the city Centre we recommend using the website. Sampo that ploughed through the snowy landscape of Kuhmo wonderful time exploring and... On the spot and website that promotes glass igloos many thanks for the ice Breaker, can! Bus should take you into Saariselka based on two people sharing photos on this page their.... Fly to Kittila ( 23 Dec ) Christmas holidays in Finland, Finnish capital plenty! Finland has such a flat landscape that it barely exists above water in your suit... And explanatory visit London but one of my favourite times of year is London at Christmas a.... Flights vs train vs bus, etc you an idea, when we spent over 10 in! On accommodation and flights ) ) the Finnish capital offers plenty to do, relax and! And there is no bad time to visit Sweden and Finland in first of... Of dance, music and stories re sufficiently dressed, the sky – Guesthouse Husky in,... But now living in Netherlands since many years relieved that we can help you plan your trip hi,... Similar outdoor winter activities in Rovaniemi and not to mention that we could see the northern lights, snow countryside.

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