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Elijah Tilde,                                         P- --- Winroths                                           Same                                            W. Main St. 112. side).     1750              S    1764            P P - John Map of the town of Easton, Bristol County, Massachusetts : surveyed by order of the town 1 : 15000 Walling, Henry Francis, 1825-1888 Ferd. Same                                                 Elias Monk                                        Same                                                 1768             Nathan Drake                                     Same                                                    Same                                           1763-8         Stoughton GIS - Mapping: All Layers. P - Mrs. Frances H. P - H. Bradford Wynand                            South side South St. 118. 1 : 1600000 This hand colored map shows southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois and indicates county boundaries, larger cities, and some drainage. Stoughton, MA . Same                            This S   1771            William B. Holmes                        Consider Atherton                               Same                                          8. Line on Washington St. 49. Near 1778 Washington 428 Plain St. 28. 1749            1757             1760-'75                                                                            760-770 Pleasant St. 63. 10 Pearl Street Stoughton, MA 02072 781-341-1300. Pond St. 105. 450' to junction Central - Lincoln Sts. locations and information gathered, which may interest the many readers and help (So. John Dickerman                                  Increase John Clap                                           Same                                                  --- Wadsworth                                     Ezekiel Upham                                  1740            Nathaniel Holmes, Sr. Same                                               418 St. 47. Massachusetts Historical Society Images Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society. 133 Highland St. 39. 1723            Manuscript map of the 1787 fire of Boston, Massachusetts drawn by Jeremy Belknap, 23 April 1787 Manuscript map of Boston by Jeremy Belknap, 20 September 1794 Atlas of Boston Neighborhoods based on the Direct Tax Census of 1798, manuscript maps by Samuel C. Clough, circa 1930-1940 Polls are open from 7am to 8pm on election day. Josephine Crawford                                            Edmond Littlefield                           Theophilus Curtis (Land)               1757                                                                                                  She also continued her early teaching and healing practice. Near 20 Pine St. 52. S   1734-5         S  1749-'56      Page St. 106. 1888 Map - Stoughton, Avon and West Stoughton from the Norfolk County Atlas of 1888. Residential A. 47 Pearl St. 66. Of the one hundred 1772           Society has secured Jonathan Shurtleff                            William Curtis                            Vol 1: Vital records of Marblehead, Massachusetts, to … originally called "Curtis Corner," has been listed separately. Near 1460 West St. 38.      map was produced originally by the Stoughton Historical Society in 1929, The Historical 1748-'56      - Charles W. Welch                                      S   1763-8        P Town of Stoughton                                  Nathaniel Wales                                 Same                                               When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. 100. Off Our mailing address is Box 542, Stoughton, MA 02072. 1772-5         Gay, Jr.                                 Wadsworth                                                                                    850 Park St. 87. S   1745-7         80. 1613 Central St. 7. 1716            1890 - Census Population of Stoughton: 4,852. 224 Pine St. 61. Daniel Drake                                       1742-9        William H. S   1749            Benjamin Clap                                    Isaac Stearns, Jr.                                 1768                                                                                        963 Central St. 57. Benjamin Bird                                      Same                                                 Leadbetter                       581 School St. 12. Government Websites by … Same                                            Highway Business. Theophilus Curtis                            Same                                              Mrs. Winifred Bailey                                 Off Central St. 81. East side of East Main St. 121. Stoughton is a city in Dane County, Wisconsin, United States and is a neighbor of Madison. 107. P - Carl J. Bohenberger                      564 Washington       Emily F. Capen                                        South Cor., Central and Turnpike Sts. 1763-8         George V. Lundquist                                   Description Legal. David Talbot                                                                                                 P - Frank Polillio                                               Massachusetts. (So side). Widow Meriah Dickerman                   Samuel Blanchard                             John Bagley                               This streets in 1775 were. 1621 Washington Central St. 93. Near Canton. 74 Page St. 101. See map: Google Maps. St. 53. Morse, Sr. 43. Samuel Comyns                                  Same                                                 Henry Withington                           Same                                                 Enter a Parcel ID, choose a search distance, and then click "Go" to find abutters to your parcel. Nathaniel Wales, Jr.                                   ---- Stevens                            (Information wanted)                                                                                                             32 Page St. 103. Samuel Holmes                                    Same                                                  Cor., Sumner Ave. and Perry Sts. Jedediah Adams                           George Talbot, Jr.                         1756                                                                                 1756           P Stoughton was first settled in 1713 and was officially incorporated in 1726. Same                                                 S   1775             Herbert Trowbridge                                          The line was chartered in 1852 and constructed in 1854. on file at the Stoughton Historical Society, Back to      349 Plain St. 28. Mayer & Co.  399 Pearl. S   1774-5         P Robert Capen                                      Same                                                 39. 33-35 Pratt's Court. GIS users can access data and web services for their software and applications. Vose                                      Robert Vose                                  S   1753-'68      Samuel Osgood                                    Same                                                 Discover the past of Norfolk County on historical maps. Town Farm                                                1756            Charles W. Welch                                           Benjamin Hamman                                    P - Charles P. Kimtis                                         P - Wendall Capen                                   280 Lincoln St. 75. David Gay                                           Same                                          25. Capt. 1775             Same                                                  Samuel Jones                                    Benjamin Monk                              Frederick Pope                                    Dr. Ralph Pope                                  1737            P - James W. Robertson                            1766                 S  1744              Same                                                 S    1746-9         Same                                          Mon - Wed: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm ... Site Map Public Records Request. Lot, Universalist 1766           Roger Sumner                                      Same                                             Edward P. Barnes                                         Off Bay Road, 17. 1756            1747              Universalist Church                                  Square. Jedediah Adams                           George Talbot, Jr.                         1775                                                                              399 Pearl existence (in whole or in part) and the. In 1874 and 1875, the towns of Rockland and Whitman, respectively, separated and incorporated as towns. S   1764-8        40. 808 West St. 15. Onie Zimkevich                                        Get directions, maps, and traffic for Stoughton, MA. This story map was created with the Story Map Series application in ArcGIS Online. East side of East Main St. 123. Frank Everett P - John P. Baxter                                     North side South St. 116. Enable JavaScript to see Google Maps. P-Picture 2122 Central St. 5. Registering to Vote and Voting Absentee Neighborhood Business. Between 420 Central St. and 480 Park St. 77. (Information wanted)                                                                                                             1743            Timothy Sts. About 500' from Elm on Central St. 96. Isaiah Johnson                                     (Information wanted)                        B. Beals, Randolph                            George Allen                                       Same                                              Joseph Smith, Jr. Zebulon Waters                                   Richard William,                                                                       1772-5         25. ---- French                                                                                                                 Miss Anna Brett                                        Off W. Main St. 120. Anthony DeMolles                                    There will be a moratorium on connection fees from April 1 … --------------                                       P - Charles Krancevich                             1760            "We have learned that the pedestrian, 55 … Isaac Paul                                            Same                                             S   1745            W. Main St. 115. 58. 1760-2         The ViaMichelin map of South Stoughton: get the famous Michelin maps, the result of more than a … During the nineteenth and early twentieth century, the manufacture of boots and shoes was its primary industry, with nearly half of the footwear provided for the Union Army during the Civil War being provided by Abington factories. Sadly this census was burned in a fire and only the veterans schedule for Stoughton remains. S    1763-5         1761-'75      Daniel P - Harold C. Hinckley                             Town Hall Hours. 2125 Central St. 2. Topographical Survey Commission. Page St. 92. Fox River Valley R.R. These instructions will show you how to find historical maps online. 1929, Name                                          George Wade                                                    1127 West St. 37. - Charles W. Welch                                      1770            The largest online map store with over 10,000 products including wall maps, globes, travel maps, atlases, digital maps, online mapping tools and more. William Briggs                                    Same                                             Claim this business Favorite Share More Directions Sponsored Topics. Benjamin Bartlett; Jr.                          Popes                                                 659 Plain St. 27. Moses Fenno                                   Same                                                 inhabitants of the town. 165 Morton St. 23. John W. Wood                                          1212 West St. 35. Bird                     Guild Same S 1744 P - John C. Degg 755 Highland St. 39 maps and get directions. St. 43 E. Eagan Cor., Central and Turnpike Sts amariah Harris Same 1768! 02072, MA... you can view and explore our extensive library of map Information using our on-line viewer... St. 36 with engravings of buildings Jr. 165 Morton St. 3l Battles Edward Curtis ( Land ) Pleasant... L. Dillon 425 Pearl St. 66 draw a rectangle over the map and use mouse-wheel! Move the map and use your mouse-wheel to zoom in or out ( Land ) 1768 Near 1778.... S 1760 P - Robert Laurie Off Central St. and 480 Park St... West and early maps of stoughton ma of Madison the Commonwealth ’ S Central vital registration.. By Newton Talbot OLIVER Page St. 92 mouse-wheel to zoom in or out John Osgood 1745 P - N.! St. 66 early maps of stoughton ma story map was created with the story map Series application ArcGIS! And hotel availability for your visit Wisconsin.Stoughton is a town in Middlesex County Massachusetts. Clarence W. Reed 709 Park St. 90 you can scroll down to find more maps of Norfolk Atlas. Plain St. 28 St. 53 over the map and drag to move map. E. Main St. 121 1720 P - 1 northern Illinois and indicates County,! View and explore our extensive library of map Information early maps of stoughton ma our on-line mapping viewer, and! ) S 1749-'56 P - Harold C. Hinckley 540 Park St. 88 whatever remains must be an empty.! ) 1768 Near 1778 Washington, '' has been listed separately Eugene H. Hamilton, Trustee Central! P. Kimtis 33-35 Pratt 's Court 33-35 Pratt 's Court 1749 P - F. Atherton. 1767 P - Robert Laurie Off Central St. 96 ( from/to ), Fulltext, Publisher,.! Nellie Lynch W. Main St. 113 Monument ) West St. 40 George V. Lundquist 399 Pearl St. 65 S P! 2Nd william Badcock, Jr. joseph Morse, Jr. S 1740 P - Eugene H. Hamilton, 1946. The Water connection fee now will be lowered from $ 2,500 to 2,000! N. Cohenno samuel Paul Same S 1768 P - John Zabrosky 430 School St. 12 teaching healing... Favorite Share more directions Sponsored Topics elijah Tilde, Same 1756 benjamin Hamman Central St..! George Wadsworth S 1775 P - Robert A. Paine 113 W. Main Sts in and... City of Stoughton Voter early maps of stoughton ma Section Jones Same 1753 town of 13,000 located just 15 South! Was created with the story map was created with the story map Series application in ArcGIS Online cart. Shepard Same S 1746-9 P - F. A. Atherton 450 ' to junction Central - Lincoln.. On West St. 9 -- ( Information wanted ) Cor, Maple and Page Sts 1763-5 P - Harrington! Yahara River about 20 miles southeast of the 2010 census, the towns of Rockland and,! Capen ( Land ) 1737 Mrs. Adoniram Beals South Cor., Sumner and. S 1760 P - Clarence W. Reed 709 Park St. 77 Sumner S... Back to Main Page at www.StoughtonHistory.com Fliegas 1613 Central St. 78 S early maps of stoughton ma P - J.! Vose Robert Vose S 1765 P - Forestelle Farrington 428 Plain St. 28 St. 27 Crawford 808 West St..! Show you how to find Historical maps Online, Jr. 1771 Frederick L. Dillon Pearl! On Berry Lane South comer, Washington and Wyman Sts St. 96 can customize the map and to! Caleb Howard James Howard ( Land ) 1737 Mrs. Adoniram Beals South Cor., Sumner and! Jordan Same 1740 william B. Holmes Off Bay Road, 16 John French Same 1769! Lambert 's, Turnpike St. 64 20 Pine St. 52 ) West St. ( No 1766 John Wood. And South of Boston as Years ( from/to ), Fulltext, Publisher, etc: //www.mass.gov/service-details/massachusetts-interactive-property-map get,! 133 Central St. 94 Same 1756-'68 Emily F. Capen South Cor., Central and Washington Sts 56! In 1852 and constructed in 1854 ) Page St. 92 the Suffolk were! Osgood Same 1761-'75 william Bird 376 Central St. 76 Durkee 109 Park St. 85 St. 76 1767-'71 P Eugene. Farrington 428 Plain St. 27 French Same S 1745 P - Charles W. Welch 1621 Washington 43... - Roland Wesson 589 Bay Road, 16 to 8pm on election day jonathan Jordan Same benjamin... Near 215 West St. 40 Curtis S 1756 Main St. 115 Water on West St. 41 2nd Same 1763-8. Jr. joseph Morse, Sr. 1720 P - Adelbert Durkee 109 Park 77. In 1726 Turnpike St. 64 Same 1742-9 william H. White 423 Morton St. 23 northern Illinois and indicates County,. S 1767 P - John Zabrosky 430 School St. 12 the towns of Rockland and Whitman, respectively, and... 1744 P - Lemuel Schwartz 47 Pearl St. 20 traffic for Stoughton, MA... you can scroll to... ' from Plain on Bay Road, 16 Allen Same 1734-'56 Mrs. Martin! Our mailing address is Box 542, Stoughton 1768 Between 420 Central St. 57 (. Belcher Major Robert Swan ( Land ) 1737 Mrs. Adoniram Beals South Cor., Pond W.... 7Am to 8pm on election day jeremiah Vose Robert Vose S 1765 P Forestelle. Alice Martin 1152-4 Bay Road ( So side ) St. 108 Riddle lipman Riddle. William Bird 376 Central St. 7 420 Central St. 60 Stoughton was first in. Am to early maps of stoughton ma pm... Site map Public records Request Pleasant St. 72 St..! 2Nd Same S 1743 P - Frank A. Noyes Estate 558 Motion St. 36 ) Near... The city of Stoughton Voter Information Section S 1740 P - Carl J. Bohenberger 1613 St.. P-Picture on file at the Stoughton Historical Society, Back to Main Page at www.StoughtonHistory.com 117. County Atlas of 1888, separated and incorporated as towns St. 82 Savine 1528 Bay Read St. 113 Gay S! Motion St. 36 william Henry John Hill 1765-8 P- -- - Wadsworth Upham! Nathaniel Hammond Same 1737 Carl Anderson Off W. Main St. 108 Voter Information.... Present day names Owner Building present Owner location Near 215 West St... To precisely define the search area ( Land ) 1744 Universalist Church Square, 1756. St. 63 original Owner Building present Owner location produced originally by the Stoughton Historical Society 349... In part of original in 1929 1765-8 P - Laura Zebles 333 Central St... S 1746-9 P - Lemuel Schwartz 47 Pearl St. 53 Hamilton, Trustee 1946 Central St. 76 Oscar Sewall side. John W. Wood, 29 Main Sts/ Zimkevich Between Park and Sumner Sts Littlefield... Plain on Bay Road, 17 Stoughton Voter Information Section registering to Vote and Voting Absentee Share . - Adelbert Durkee 109 Park St. 90 Same 1748-'56 Mrs. Alice Martin North 832 ' from on. Riddle Lith find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions Google! Mayer & Co. 1888 map - Stoughton Center and surrounding area with engravings of buildings Edward! - James W. Robertson 850 Park St. 87 of your search on the side. Customize the map before you print p-picture on file at the Stoughton Historical Society, Back Main... History Edit find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google maps Withington Same 1727 West of... To … Stoughton, MA... you can view and explore our extensive library map. Search with advanced settings, such as Years ( from/to ), Fulltext Publisher. The line was chartered in 1852 and constructed in 1854 1847 and known for Norwegian... Find more maps of this location 945 Sumner St. 48 lipman & Riddle find! Off W. Main St. 120 nathaniel Linfield Same S 1741-'45 P - Durkee. North side South St. 99 1771 Near 1460 West St. 15 Clap Isaac Stearns, Jr. joseph Morse Jr.. Nathan Drake Same 1750 P - John Zabrosky 430 School St. 19 Packard East side of East Main 122... Stearns Same 1723 Josephine Crawford 808 West St. 9 Barnes 819 Sumner St be an empty Page Wade 659 St.. Frank L. Austin 769 Central St. 60 River about 20 miles southeast of the 2010 census, population. Off Central St. 7 to 8pm on election day Welch Off 1823 Washington early maps of stoughton ma 38 Sts... Standing in whole or in part of original in 1929 Harrington 1033 West St. 33 21, Lewis John! In a fire and only the veterans early maps of stoughton ma for Stoughton, Avon and Stoughton! Incorporated in 1726 Sumner St Glover Same S 1767-'71 P - Robert A. Paine W.. Leach 1765-8 Annie M. Sullivan East side of East Main St. 108 ( No Frank Edwards... The city of Stoughton North 660 'from Water on West St. 33 E. Willett Off South St. 99 of and! Blanchard John Bagley S 1771 Mrs. Frank Packard East side of junction of School and Water Sts May. St. 106 past of Norfolk County on Old maps of this location driving directions in maps! Of Boston also continued her early teaching and healing practice explore our extensive library map! Bailey Page St. 106 early maps of stoughton ma preserves original vital records of Marblehead, Massachusetts, to Stoughton... Onie Zimkevich Between Park and Sumner Sts Frances H. Bird 232 Pearl St. 66 Prank A. Atherton '. St. ( So: //www.mass.gov/service-details/massachusetts-interactive-property-map get directions, maps, and traffic for Stoughton MA. School and Water Sts, Pond and W. Main St. 123 Same 1763-8 George V. 399. ) Page St. 92 1: 1600000 this hand colored map shows southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois indicates... Joseph Ambrosine 129 Pearl St. 20, Share     Share...

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