Well to get to the point, I guess I’m another of those expat aussies who headed off for adventure in their younger years, and never made it back home.

Home. Now that’s another idea which needs explaining…maybe on another page…

So here I am and “how am I getting on with my life?” you may well ask.

Musician. Harmonica, guitar, silver flute and some occasional saxophone (but very rarely these days).

Came out of Oz in ’93 and got myself involved in the French music scene as a harmonica/sax player with the Grenoble based “Sunset Blues Band”. Had a bunch of fun and did a stack of growing, musically speaking. We recorded an album “Let me try” in ’94, and the band split in ’95.

From here I got myself involved with the second guitarist, one young Marko Bonnefoy, who encouraged me to sing up front. Considering him to be a fine player, I followed that dream to be the voice, and “Barefoot iano” was off and running….well sort of.

We did a duo thing we called “Blues ‘n’ Stuff” for the next couple of years, recorded a cassette and gigged all over the Rhone Alps region…

Around 2005 I started to get a little lazy on the job hunting side of things ; the teaching was going OK, and I’d figured that I could hold down a gig on my ownsome. The duo / band thing began to fall by the wayside, and I began to do more solo work.

In August 2005 I met Mr Mat at a gg I was doing in the Chartreuse, and an end of noght jam sealed our fate – MouNtain men were born. Two months later we recorded our first album in an afternoon at “Side of the mountain” studio, above Grenoble.

Then came the call to join up with a local project – Rik√© – the voice of a French hit song ” tout le bonheur du monde”. We recorded an album and toured for 15 months from the beginning of 2007. We did about 110 gigs in that time. I took advantage of the downtime on the road and worked on my instrumental stuff – harmonica and guitar.

In late 2008 I recorded an album of “musical” music, with no voice, which I burn at home and sell for not much if I don’t give it away. Acoustic Rack Trip is what I call it.

MouNtain men took priority from early 08, and the gigs slowly got better. An album “Springtime coming was recorded in August, and received widespread appreciation from everyone who listened to it. To this day (May 2012) we’ve passed around 10,000 hard copies of the album.

A live album, witness to 2 years of touring under “Echo Productions”, recorded in December 2010, saw the light of day in April 2011.

January, February and March 2012 had us back in the studio for our next album, due for release in October 2012.

In the meantime I’m still teaching and doing the occasional solo gig, or sitting in with friends like Tim O’Connor or Cincinnati Slim.